Capacity Building is a project whose main objective is to strengthen the strategic capacities of prospective hosting organizations intending to participate in this initiative to improve their response to Humanitarian Aid crises. It also ensure compliance with the standards and procedures concerning candidate volunteers and EU Aid Volunteers in order to apply for certification which is required in order to deploy EU Aid Volunteers.


MdM Sending Organisations will organize thematic seminars in their country on those specific areas of expertise, dedicated to improve the staff knowledge and their organization’s strategic capacity in Humanitarian Aid and Volunteering to respond to different crises.

Gender, Empowerment & Partnership

We promote human rights, equality and respect

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Migration and Health

We protect and strenghten public and universal health systems.

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Governance, Volunteering & Association

We focus on volunteerism, social movement & building a joint identity

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LGBTQ Seminar

We foment equality, anti discrimination, norm criticism and LGBTQ


Take a look at the videos we took at those seminars!


After conducting various research activities among the project partners, we have concluded that the campaign should be based on a strong tree that transmits growth, empowerment and connection, through which the main values of the campaign are reflected. Growing a better future!


Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium and The Netherlands

The consortium formed by European delegations of MdM is developing the second phase of EU Aid Volunteers, the Capacity Building project. The main objective of this project is to strengthen the organizational and technical capacity of sending and hosting organisations to improve their response to Humanitarian Aid crises.

With this project we want to raise awareness about EU Volunteers Initiative and Humanitarian Aid towards European civil society and the Third countries.


In addition, we have future hosting organizations that will have the necessary formation and will be able to attend people in need in a while.

This project is co-funded by the European Union for the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.

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