In coordination with EU Aid Volunteers Deployment Project, Médicos del Mundo and two other sending organisations, namely MdM-Belgium and MdM-UK, are working to send volunteers to MdM partners in Sahara, Haiti, Mozambique, Senegal, Palestine, Bolivia, Guatemala, Salvador, the Dominican Republic of Congo and Mali. EU Aid Volunteers will be deployed to support and complement humanitarian aid in non-EU countries focused on disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, relief rehabilitation and development. Additionally, these volunteers will be supported by online volunteers as well.


Noelia Cobo Aguilar

Senior EU Aid Volunteer in Health and Gender deployed in Sahara.

Begoña Orozco

Senior EU Aid Volunteer in Communication and Gender deployed in Bolivia.

Giulia Signori

Senior EU Aid Volunteer in Advocacy deployed in Guatemala.

Esther Hernández

Senior EU Aid Volunteer in Communications deployed in El Salvador.


Check the blog section to read about our volunteers’ experiences.


This project is co-funded by the European Union for the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.

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